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You’ll Be Amazed How Quickly This Little Device Improves Your Posture In Just 2 Weeks!

Sponsored by UPRIGHT GO | Saturday, February 9th 2019

This INGENIOUS posture-correcting wearable just raised over $1,118,000 on Kickstarter.

Your posture sucks, and you know it.

It’s nothing new. Your parents probably told you to stand up straight for years, yet you still spend most of your time with your back hunched – when your texting on your phone….while at your desk at work….when you’re relaxing in front of the TV….even when you’re working out.

There’s an 80% chance you’ll experience lower back pain in your lifetime* (if you don’t already have it) – and there’s a good possibility poor posture will be to blame. Beyond back pain, poor posture is harming you and impacting your performance in ways you might not realize…like making it harder to get oxygen to your brain or having an awkward slouch that makes you appear less confident to your friends, co-workers, and even your boss!

You could correct your posture with a back brace….but who wants to wear that? The truth is, back-braces just aren’t practical. Even when used properly they can be extremely tight, constantly crawl up your neck and under your arms throughout the day, and anyone with decent eyesight can see how weird you look.

Fortunately for you, there’s an ingenious new device that’s helping people achieve perfect posture without looking or feeling ridiculous – it’s discrete, easy to use, and best of all… it works! It’s already raised over $1,118,000 on Kickstarter with more than 13,000 backers and won the prestigious Wearable Tech Award in 2017.

What is it?

UPRIGHT GO is a smart personal trainer for your posture – a completely revolutionary way to help you change the way you look and feel in only 14 days.

There are NO clunky back braces to wear, NO uncomfortable straps to dig into your chest and back, and NO tedious core workouts to go with it. No gimmicks.

UPRIGHT GO comes in two parts. The first is a tiny wearable device that sticks on your back and gives you a gentle vibration to remind you to correct your posture whenever you slouch. The second is a free 5-star smartphone app that allows you to track how much time you spend a day slouching, and how you’re improving day by day.  

And get this – it’s so discreet, the person sitting next to you at work or dinner will have no ideayou’re wearing it. It’s your little secret.  

Did we mention it’s super easy to use? 

It’s so simple, even grandma can do it. She’ll just need to follow these three steps:

  • Step 1 – Turn it on by pressing the button on the front of the device.
  • Step 2 – Put it on with one of the hypoallergenic adhesive stickers.
  • Step 3 – Get real-time feedback from your smartphone.

How it Works

Here’s what the first two weeks with UPRIGHT GO looks like: Each day, UPRIGHT GO recommends short training sessions to help you form a habit of better posture. After each daily training session, you can switch to Tracking Mode and continue monitoring your posture without the vibrations. The Statistics page in your UPRIGHT App will allow you to see all your posture statistics, goals and how you’ve improved over time.

WATCH: This customer tries UPRIGHT Go for 1 week…

A Few More Reasons to Get UPRIGHT GO:

  • It will actually work: UPRIGHT GO teaches your body to naturally improve posture using fast bio-feedback loops. In just 14 days, your core muscles will be trained to achieve the posture you’ve always desired!
  • Discreet and comfortable: Unlike awkward and uncomfortable back braces, UPRIGHT GO won’t show under your clothes or dig into your skin. It’s so light you’ll probably forget you’re wearing it!
  • Personalized training plans: After a few simple questions, the FREE 5-star-rated app gives you a personalized posture training plan.
  • Visualize Your Progress: The Statistics page in the app allows you to visualize and track your posture improvements over time. Have questions? Get answers and tips from a live posture training coach – all of which is available right inside the app!

So How Much Does It Cost??

  • Upright GO usually sells for $99. But for a limited time, you can get up to 30% OFF. If you’ve ever had neck and back pain you know it’s well worth the price to get relief!

(And with the 100% Money Back Guarantee they are offering, if you don’t love it there’s ZERO RISK.

Seriously….there’s no reason in the world not to order yours right now!)


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