Women All Over the World Are Buying Up This Sports Bra Band That Promises ONE BIG THING…

Sponsored by Boobuddy| Saturday, February 9th 2019

I tried out the sports bra band that supposedly allows any woman—no matter her breast size—to do ANY workout OR play ANY sport WITHOUT PAIN…and here’s what happened…

It was a Wednesday, and I had plans to meet my friend Penny for a walk after work.

It’s something we do every week, and I always look forward to it.

But this week was a bit different…

At about 4:30 or so, I glanced at my phone to see a text from Penny that said:

“How about we pick up the pace and try going for a run instead?!”

As I read those words that appeared on my screen, I’m embarrassed to admit I instantly thought about backing out!

It wasn’t the idea of doing a run that got me upset…

(Truth be told, I’ve been wanting to push myself a bit harder with my exercise these days.)

It’s just that…I’m a 34D!!

EACH of my breasts is the size of a ripe cantaloupe! And I wondered, “Has Penny lost her mind, thinking I would do something like that?!”

So I shot her a text right back:

“Ummmmm, hellooooo?! 
Have you seen my boobs?! 

To which Penny replied:

“C’mon! I’ve got an extra Boobuddy! You’ll be fine!”

Before this very moment I had never heard of a Boobuddy.

And I didn’t know it at the time, but this “thing” Penny spoke of was about to become more than just a “buddy”; rather it would soon be my breasts’ new best friend!

Penny discovered the Boobuddy from someone recommending it on Instagram, she tried it, and now she LOVES it so much she refuses to do any workout without it!

And it’s safe to say I won’t either because I made it through the entire 1.5-mile run without feeling like my boobs were bouncing up and down!

If you’re as curious about what Boobuddy is as I was, here’s the 411:

What is the Boobuddy?

Boobuddy is a wearable sports bra band worn across the top of the breasts and over your sports bra that allows any woman—no matter her breast size—to do ANY workout OR play ANYsport WITHOUT PAIN, by keeping her breasts from bouncing up and down (even during high impact!)

And apparently it’s not just Penny and me! Over 100,000 happy women all over the world—and counting!—have decided they won’t work out without it ever again!

BUT… Can’t You Just Wear 2 Sports Bras? (I mean… Large-Busted Women Have Been Using This “Breast Support Hack” for Years!)

If you are one of the women who’s been wearing 2 sports bras as your “go-to” for getting enough breast support your whole life and are thinking, “This is just a gimmick, right?”…I want you to know that I wondered the same thing too…at first.

Then I realized the only reason we have been putting ourselves through this “Two Sports Bra Torture” (C’mon, girl, you know that it hurts!) is because there was simply no better option available…until the Boobuddy came along.

Here’s what’s important to understand…wearing 2 sports bras when you work out or play sports doesn’t REALLY solve the REAL PROBLEM at hand.

Have you ever noticed that doubling up on sports bras might keep your breasts pulled in, which we both know is important and helpful, BUT it doesn’t do anything to keep your breasts from bouncing up and down?

I hadn’t either, until I tried the Boobuddy! That’s when it became noticeably clear that it was my breast bounce that caused the pain.

And I’m not alone. 50% of women say their breasts hurt too, when they bounce! 1

Now that I have the Boobuddy, I am grateful that I have a solution for that!

Something else I discovered after trying Boobuddy…it prevents your boobs from sagging and developing stretch marks, too!

Sagging!? Now You Are Saying My Sports Bra Is Causing My Boobs to Sag? And Stretch Marks, too?! OMG!

Well, to be fair…it’s not exactly your sports bra that is causing your boobs to sag and stretch marks to form; rather, its FAULTY DESIGN doesn’t prevent this awful problem…which the Boobuddy can!

But….hold onto your sports bras, ladies! Don’t throw them away just yet!

Here’s the simple science behind WHY your sports bra on its own is failing you, causing your breasts to hurt when you’re active, and also sag…

How Does the Boobuddy Work to Keep Your Breasts Pain Free and Perky?

The connective tissues in the breasts are called Cooper’s ligaments. They connect breast tissue to the lower layer of skin of the breast—supporting the breast in its normal position and maintaining its normal shape.

(In short…this is what keeps your breasts looking great!)

But these Cooper’s ligaments are thin bands that are not that strong, so when your breasts bounce up and down from activities like jogging, working out, or playing sports, they move out of sync with the rest of the body, causing the heavy breast tissue to pull away from the lower layer of skin.

And the bigger your breast, the bigger the problem!

In fact, I just read an article that mentioned: “Breasts can stretch up to 15 cm in old age, with gravity starting to pull in your 30s when the nipple drops 1–2 cm.” 2


This is why you not only feel that your boobs hurt while you are active, but this is also what causes your breasts to permanently sag, lose their shape and their contour, and show the appearance of stretch marks—all irreversible without expensive and dangerous surgery!

What I’ve found to be so great about using Boobuddy is that it helps prevent this excessive up and down breast movement, meaning I can do ANY workout or play ANY sport without worrying about pain, sagging, or stretching.

So Now You Want to Try It?

Using the Boobuddy takes no more than just 10 seconds to put on, and it’s super easy to do…unlike trying to fit a super tight sports bra, over another super tight sports bra, over your two large breasts.

(Because some days that can feel like a workout in and of itself!)

See for yourself just how easy it is to put on and how comfortable it is to work out in:

Get Zero Breast Bounce Now!

How much is the Boobuddy?

What you’ll LOVE most about the Boobuddy is how it’s priced to fit any budget!

When you consider the breast pain you might experience while you work out, or how your breasts might keep you from really playing all out in the activities you want to do, you’ll realize that getting a Boobuddy for as low as just 20 bucks is nothing—especially when you recognize it’s an investment in your health, comfort, and quality of life!

And because of Boobuddy’s BUY MORE, SAVE MORE SALE happening right now, it’s the perfect time to order a few.

Many women like to keep one at home, one in their car, and one in their gym bag—so they are never without a Boobuddy when they might need it.



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With this special discount you can now get each Boobuddy for as low as just $20!

Where can I get a Boobuddy Sports Bra Band?

Don’t be fooled by the less superior knockoffs available today! Get the holy grail of sports bra bands—Boobuddy—straight from their official website here.

Given the high demand from so many women telling their girlfriends, “You need to try this!” and the incredible low price, there’s not always stock available. 

To make sure you can get yours, don’t wait!Get Boobuddy Now!

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